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    Staff position descriptions

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    Staff position descriptions Empty Staff position descriptions

    Post by KAT on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:43 am

    These are the members who Founded thw forum and are left permanently with a badge no one else can get. These members are KAT, Bubble, Harley, & BATMAN.
    Bubble is the origional founder but all of them worked together to bring to site up fully.
    Thanks you.

    Administrators help you with everything on the forum. So if you have a problem with something just let them know
    Super Moderators
    A job that is like mod and admin but its mainlythe head mod - mod in training for admin position.

    Moderators are very helpful just like an administrator. But if an administrator is not online and a moderator is and you need some help just ask a moderator for help.

    Trade helpers
    Trade helpers help you when you are trading. So if you need some help trading just ask them. Also when you want to close a thread leave it to the trade helpers to close it.

    News reporters
    News Reporters spread the new about WW and what is happening there. Contests,special events,new webkinz pets and basically everything important in Webkinz. News reporters please post a picture of the thing you are posting and the link on how to get there.

    Designers make banners WZ pictures and more. (You must have skill of designing in order to design.)

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